Pricing & Availability

We have tried to keep the pricing as simple and all-inclusive as possible. Only items and services that are based on individual usage are priced separately.

Full livery

£115 a week

Includes full services 365 days a year, hay, feed and use of facilities.


£9.95 a bag

Aubiose bedding is used on the yard and is invoiced separately per individual usage at £9.95 a bag. Aubiose is a hemp based bedding and we have found that it makes a thick, absorbent and comfortable bed for the horses. It stays clean, dry and hygienic.


£15 a session

We offer exercising as an additional service, either lungeing, hacking or schooling at £15 per session. This can be holiday cover or last minute cover if you are unable to get to the yard.


Priced by type

We offer a range of clips, including full, hunter and blanket. Price dependent on type of clip.

Plaiting, mane pulling, hogging

From £5

Prices start from £5 for mane and tail pulling, hogging and sewn in plaiting.


£2 a load

There is a laundry service at Elms Farm for £2 per load